Chienna Filomeno Scandal

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Chienna Filomeno Scandal

New Link Viral No Sensor Chie Filomeno And zeus Collins -

Many scandals have occurred in recent days and those who connect and know about involvement in these scandals get into trouble.

Many fans are looking forward to knowing about the scandal and want to know about this. Currently, the actress can’t Help Falling In Love Chienna Filomeno attracted the great attention of fans around the world after her disturbing videos began to suffer on social media.

Many fans are increasingly eager to find out about the scandalous video and perhaps, others have been identified by observers who Zeus believes.

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Zeus Collins And Chie Filomeno Scandal

According to sources, the name was revealed in Instagram wild accusations against the actress who said that she saw each and everything that happened with Zeus in the ABS-CBN parking lot.

Along with this, netizens challenged the actress by saying, ” We are calling everyone from ABSCBN to CCTV. Sue me for this and I’ll show you CCTV footage. Brave”.

Later, he denied the accusations from his bashers quickly. Along with this, the supporters of the actress came to the fore to her rescue, challenged the bully and dared to appear.

Well, Chienna Filomeno is a popular model and actress with a huge fan following over 2 million followers on Instagram.

gan, a 25-year-old actress has made her debut by working in several popular films. Princess Diaries in 2021 and Crazy Beautiful you in 2015 are some of the actress’s popular films.

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