I Did my Dance on Tiktok and Went Viral With it

Indomeme.id -On this occasion the admin will give information that is currently popular in the media outside, namely on i did my dance on tiktok and went viral with it, which became the talk about public today, especially in Indonesia.

A lot of the users of social media who questioned about trendingnya songs that are on tiktok of this, instead of just one or two people who look for such information, there are hundreds or even millions of users of social media who seek it.

This makes the admin curious to talk about it, because this information to be a virus for the users of the internet especially in the media lura there.
Well all you need to know about viralnya i did my dance on tiktok and went viral with it, the information is currently being one of the information with the search the most on google.

If you’re curious about the information that will be the admin to discuss this, then don’t worry because in this article the admin will provide this information with the real and the admin will also provide a video to clarify why this can be popular and be the attention of many people.


Song known on tiktok at this time with the title “Do My dance on TikTok and go viral with it ” song of the stretcher is currently popular and has been mentioned by the artist Named Drake and Durk.

The Album is called with the album’s sixth studio’s drake who are already certified child lovers made in Billborad Number one on the Bilboard 200US. So that it becomes the center of attention today.

Child lovers it also has collaborations with several other artists including Lil baby, Giveeon, Jay-Z, Travis Scott, future, Yeba, 21 savage, Project, t, Ty dolls sign, lil, Lil Ross, and Kid Cudi.

And they are the users tiktok using sound on tiktok to show off a dance that they made which certainly became viral in tiktok itself.

Users tiktok name @layzchips has been using the song to express gratitude for having won the VMA for dance that has been made in tiktok, dance it’s called the ” Twerkulator “is set to the song city Girl and took the VMA for” dance of the virus is the best.”

And for you who want to know the lyrics of the song from the video that is currently popular on social media then under this admin will give his latest video, which of course will answer the curiosity of everyone.

I did my time and i want out

The Video above maybe you can see why the video could be trending at this time, clear the current viral videos tiktok is a lot of popping up on social media. A lot of the keywords with the title above, which is where the keyword has become one of the information sought by users of the internet today.

Lyrics I do a dance on Tik tok and go viral with it

Okay, okay, okay.
Trench bi^h,I get it salon
Gucci and Pucci, it was much in his budget
She’s hittin ‘ up Virgil for Louis Vuitton
It is not in the Bible the wife of one girl
I am Muslim, I go by the Quran
The way I be smilin ‘and holdin’ my gun
He thinks I’m going to mimic Von, grandchildren
He just played me in the whip
India Royale cosmetics, I just promotin ‘ bi^h
Drake song could be a million times, I just gave her a gift
Nasty with it
Take him to Sono Bello and bring her ma^^^ies^
Fashion ni^^a
Avoid calls when they drop like send the addy with it
bi^h leave me and I’m glad he did it
Know I be testing ‘ bi^hes
Back to Back, I’m wrestlin’ with ‘ em
Slender voice, I was hoarse with it
I do my dance in Tik Tok and go viral with it

The End Of The Word

Only that can admin convey about I Did my Dance on Tiktok and Went Viral With it, that is currently popular on social media, Hopefully the information admin serve this bergua and useful for all of you.

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