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Synopsis I tried to be her loyal sword novel

Book synopsis One day I fell and was reminded of where I was before. This is a reverse harem story where my sister is the main character and I am the daughter of the demon Duke Chrysis.

I had no intention of getting engaged to Duke Chrysis, but my sister’s illness worsened rapidly, and I was forced to visit her as her daughter…

“My daughter is not required to kneel for anyone. You are not required to kneel before the Imperial Emperor.” Duke Chrysis, who had no blood and tears, was strange.

“You will die if you cry in front of my sister’s eyes.” Aria, my angel-like sister, was also darkened for an unknown reason.

“You are the one who saved my life, and you are to blame.” For a long time, I admired you. Can’t you offer me a part of you?” “

Don’t you want to be the Queen? You will then become the King. I will be your partner.” “People think I am the Pope, but do you realize that God is you to me?

Then one day, I fainted and recalled my old whereabouts. Actually, this location is in the story of a little sister, the main character is her, and I am the daughter of the cruel demon, Duke Chrysis.

I had no intention of getting in touch with Duke Chrissy, but my brother’s illness worsened and I had to go to Duke, who stated,

“My daughter must not submit to anyone.” You will never be able to bend your knees again, even if he is the Emperor of the Empire.” The Duke of Chrysis, who had neither blood nor tears, was strange.

“You young man, if you cry in Shushu’s eyes, it is only death.” For some reason, my beloved sister Arya also went dark.

“Since it was you who saved your life, you must accept responsibility.” “Did you forget about the night you spent with me?”

“I’ve admired you for a long time. Can’t you give me a little of yourself?”

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